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Lap and Dado

lap ənd ˈdeɪdəʊ

Denotes joinery in wood, metal and other materials used for construction.
We are makers of handcrafted, quality furniture and home accessories. At our heart, we are innovators and designers.

Our Design

We are passionate about the details.
Our designs are defined by their streamlined, organic aesthetic and lend a contemporary appeal. To us, a balance of form and function is vital and each of our products are designed keeping comfort and use, in mind.

Quality and Materials

All our products are handcrafted locally by skilled craftsmen which gives us complete control over the manufacturing process. We use the best quality materials to ensure that our products provide practical and enduring home solutions. So you can be rest assured that when you buy our handcrafted furniture online, it’ll serve you in the years to come.

Bespoke Furniture

We understand that designing a home is no easy task. You can choose from our range of furniture available online or contact us for your custom furniture needs. With our own production studio, we cater to residential and commercial custom furniture requirements.

We care

While our range of stylish pet furniture may convey our affection for animals, it does much more! We care about the strays out there without the security of a home, access to regular food, and safety from physical violence. With each piece of pet furniture we sell, we contribute to the committed team at Tails of Compassion who ensure a safe haven for these beautiful creatures.

The Team

Karan Bakshi, Co-Founder

Karan Bakshi discovered his love for woodworking early on, tinkering on furniture with his father as a kid. After completing his Masters in Engineering, he followed his heart and set up a workshop, learning woodworking techniques. Over a decade of designing and developing products, from upcycling, industrial, eclectic, he found his niche in contemporary design. It is his aesthetic of simplicity and clean lines that defines the design at Lap and Dado. Karan can almost always be found in our workshop, working with our carpenters on a new design or admiring the grains on a new batch of wood.

Smriti Verma, Co-Founder

Smriti’s passion for art and interiors led her to co-found Lap and Dado. With a corporate career spanning over a decade, where she led high impact social and sustainability projects before finding her current calling. She balances design with execution, managing the marketing and management functions at Lap and Dado.

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Address: 328, Gujjar Gali, Chandan Hula, Chhatarpur, Delhi, 110074 India

Phone: +91-9958122020 | +91-9870350555 


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