Halden Oak and Rattan Chair with Steel Legs


Perfect for long hours at the dining table or study, the Halden Chair is constructed with a stainless steel base, oak wood back and seat stained black with handcrafted rattan work. Based on the iconic Cesca chair, it epitomizes mid-century modern charm.
PRODUCTION TIME: Our manufacturing is currently running with a lead time of 6-8 weeks, as each of our pieces is made to order.

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Construction Solid oak wood with rattan work and stainless steel legs
Finish Polyurethane open grain matt finish
Dimensions: Width: 17”, Depth: 21”, Height: 33”, Seat Height: 18″
Warranty 1 year against manufacturing defects

Care Instructions

Read detailed Care Instructions

Our products are crafted with quality materials and will last you well with the correct care.

  • Use protective mats while placing anything heavy, hot, cold, wet or sharp on the surface and avoid sliding items across the surface which could leave scratches.
  • Avoid using solvent based products on wood and wipe down only with a damp cloth.
  • Wipe up spills immediately with a dry soft cloth to avoid stains.
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight may fade the polish or colour of the wood.
  • Keep rattan or jute work out of direct sunlight as prolonged exposure can dry out the material
  • Avoid uneven distribution of weight by using it as a step stool or kneeling on it
  • Wipe down cane with a damp cloth every few weeks and allow to air dry and ensure you remove any mould or mildew
  • We also recommend getting a professional high oil content polish every 6 months to keep the cane supple


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